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About us

We live in Moscow, not far from Izmailovsky Park, which is part of a national nature reserve Losiny Ostrov. Only 2 dog lives with me – Ilona Sun Shine (Lana) and Slav Trophy Music of the Night Illoriens (Rika). All the rest dogs are used in stud work of the kennel, but live with their owners.
When I was a little girl, I dreamt of a dog. However, as it often happens, my parents were against it. That may be the reason of my being overwhelmed with cynological life the moment the first dog appeared in my life. Everything began at the training ground in CC Sokolniki, where Lana finished basic training course for puppies with excellent results, then general training course (OKD), and later mastered the science of cynological freestyle.
I am grateful to all the coachers of the training base, especially to our coach Irina Troshina and the senior coach Julia Karapetiantz, who taught me working with my dog and who inculcated in me cynological culture – one of the most important things. There I also studied show handling.
There, as well, a year later, I finished the course of a dog trainer.

The photo above indicates our 4 generations (from right to left):
Ilona Sun Shine (Merry Christmass de l’enclos du Chateau x Elena Korse)
Umi Pink Blossom (Sahib Norsken x Ilona Sun Shine)
Illoriens Celissia Soul (Atrey Evidog x Umi Pink Blossom)
Illoriens Nala Beige (Fine Art Rudgiery Hermes x Illoriens Celissia Soul)