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Litter "Ю" Sahib Norsken x Илона Сан Шайн

Litter "Ц" Atrey Evidog x Юми Пинк Блоссом


We do not strive for lots of dogs or litters no more than 3 litters from any of our girls. We have no kennels or cages in the yard; every dog is a member of the family. We love our goldens dearly and consider them the best breed in the world. I hope, you share our opinion.
We would like every golden be useful to its owner in any sphere at field hunting, as show and stud dog or just as a family pet. I heartily believe, it can be combined in one and the same dog.
Our puppies, like little children, get proper nutrition and veterinarian care from the very first days. But the most important thing they get our love, care and attention. And we hope for the same attitude in their new homes.
We play with each puppy and train it from the very early days; each of them has an earmark and all necessary vaccination. So, when the kids get to their new homes, they are properly socialized and get used to their new owners easily.

Having chosen a puppy from our kennel be ready to answer our questions about yourself and your aims of getting the dog. And we are eager to tell you about the breed standard, its mission, character and behaviour peculiarities. Every puppy is dear to us, that is why we want you and him feel as comfortable together as possible